UX Audit

  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Stories
  • User Flows
  • Information Artitecture
  • Wireframe
  • AB Test plan
  • Usability Testing

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Research. Think. Repeat.

Explain the importance of understanding your target audience. Briefly mention any user personas you've developed to represent your ideal app user.

Competitor Analysis

I'll meticulously identify your app's / website direct and indirect competitors in the app or website. We leverage keyword research, app store rankings, and industry reports to create a comprehensive competitor landscape.

User Stories more than user flows

Includes the user's role, their desired outcome, and the value they expect to gain. It can also touch on the user's context and motivations.

User flow

Explain that a user flow is a visual representation of the steps a user takes to complete a specific task on a website. It maps out the user's journey, from entering the website to achieving their desired outcome.


wireframe is a low-fidelity visual representation of a website or app's layout. It focuses on the core structure and functionality, without the distraction of graphic design elements like color or imagery. Think of it as a blueprint that lays out the foundation before the aesthetics are added. 

AB Test plan

How the importance of clearly defining your A/B testing goals before you begin. This could be increasing website traffic, boosting sign-ups, or improving conversion rates.

Usability Testing

usability testing is importain as a method for evaluating how easy and intuitive your website is to use for real users. It helps identify potential usability issues and ensures your website delivers an exceptional user experience.

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